Uniview's All-in-One Temperature Screening System: Less Time and Money; More Peace of Mind

Are you looking for a temperature screening solution for your business but overwhelmed with all the choices available to you? We have the answer, and it's one of our featured products for this holiday weekend! Uniview's CW180 is a complete all-in-one temperature screening system that will save you time, money, and peace of mind. How? I'm glad you asked. I'll answer that question momentarily. But first, let me tell you a little bit about this temperature screening system.


Product Overview

The CW180 is a unique product. That's because it's not just one product. Essentially, it's Uniview's one-of-a-kind wrist temperature detection module, which is connected to a 2MP security camera, which is connected to a custom NVR with a specialized user interface, which is connected to a 32" LED monitor. All of this is packed into one compact and aesthetically-pleasing metal stand. With built-in cable management, locking caster wheels, and an enclosed NVR box, your screening system is easily manageable, portable, and useable. Unlike some other temperature screening systems, this one won't stand out like a sore thumb.

The specialized NVR interface is designed for live viewing in mind. Your customers or employees will be able to see themselves approaching the camera. They'll see a live display of their temperature recording. They'll also see people-counting statistics, a how-to image, and a looping demo video. What's great about this system is that the image and video are customizable, meaning you can add your own company's flare to it. Vocal prompts will let the user know if their temperature is within the accepted range, if they need to manually recheck their temperature, or if they're not standing clsoe enough to the unit. If you have mask detection enabled, the voice will also remind the user to wear a mask if they aren't already.

The UNV wrist temperature module

The UNV wrist temperature module

A UNV 2MP LightHunter bullet camera

A UNV 2MP LightHunter bullet camera

The CW180 All-in-One Temperature Screening System

The CW180 All-in-One Temperature Screening System

Now, how is it that this all-in-one system can save you time and money while giving you more peace of mind? Let me explain.

How the CW180 Will Save You Time

The CW180 all-in-one temperature screening system is a huge time-saver. First and foremost, it's a complete system. It comes with pretty much everything you need. The temperature module, the security camera, the NVR, the monitor, the metal stand. It comes with all the hardware you'll need, and even a couple of tools. It comes with pre-stripped cables, so you don't even really need a wire cutter. The only thing you will need to provide is a screwdriver, possibly a male DC pigtail adapter (to see why, watch the installation video below), and electric tape or wire nuts to secure the wire connections. An NVR hard drive is also not included in the system, so you will have to purchase that separately. However, all you have to do is add that to your cart when you purchase the CW180 and we will install the hard drive for you. You won't have to spend more time than you need shopping around and making sure you have all the parts to your system. It's all there.

Once your CW180 arrives, it'll probably take you a couple of hours to get the structure built and to wire everything up. But once you're done, you're done. There is very little configuration when it comes to setting up your camera and your temperature detection module. You may need to update the firmware, switch the unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and upload a custom image and video, if that's something you're interested in. Other than that, the NVR displays the specialized display by default. It starts accurately recording temperatures, taking face snapshots, and storing them to your hard drive right out of the box.

Setting up the CW180: A quick overview

Once your system is up and running, there's another way it will save you time. By default, there is a demo image and looping video displayed at the bottom of the screen showing users how to accurately measure their temperature and what to do if their temperature is abnormal. With mask detection enabled, the system will also ensure everyone is wearing a mask. If not, it will gently remind them to wear a mask before proceeding. This saves you time and resources, because you don't have to have someone standing by the system the whole time offering instructions. You can check out the default demo video below. But keep in mind that you can change this to reflect your own business's brand, rules, and processes. You can find Nelly's customized video below as well.

The default demo video, with an example of how you can customize this to your own liking.

How the CW180 Will Save You Money

How much do you think you'd spend if you went out on your own to purchase a high-quality 2MP IP security camera, an NVR with a customized interface tailored for your business, a 32" monitor, a heavy-duty metal stand, and an NVR and equipment box? Don't forget all your cables, which you'll probably have to buy in bulk if you don't already have them at your disposal. Now, factor in a highly trusted brand name like Uniview. You're going to be spending a lot of money. You'll also be spending a whole lot of time getting everything set up (see the section above!) and we all know that time is money. You could be spending all that time doing something more productive.

With the CW180, you can purchase everything all in one place and save money at the same time.

How the CW180 Will Give You Peace of Mind

We are living in a strange time with a constantly changing definition of normalcy. Right now, face masks and temperature detection devices are becoming the new normal for many businesses. These are extra precautions we're taking so that we can protect ourselves, our loved ones, our businesses, and our communities. This is how the CW180 can grant you peace of mind. It's simply another precaution that can take a lot of work and a lot of worry off of your shoulders.

If your business requires everyone to wear a mask, simply turn on "mask detection" and let the CW180 screen people for masks on entry. The wrist temperature detection module is highly accurate, so you don't have to worry about a ton of false alarms. If the system recognizes an abnormal temperature (based on a temperature threshold that you can edit), that doesn't necessarily mean the person has a fever or another ailment of some sort. But it does give you the chance to take extra precautions when needed.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a complex temperature detection unit with a ton of bells and whistles, then the CW180 may not be for you. It can't connect to an access control. It really doesn't have that many features beyond temperature detection, mask detection, people counting, and VCA temperature search. But if you're looking for a quick and simple all-in-one temperature screening solution that can save you time, money, and peace of mind, then this system is seriously worth your consideration. Check it out below, and keep an eye out for future video reviews and product guides.

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