4K PTZ With Active Deterrence & Artificial Intelligence! This Mini PTZ from R-Series is Might be Exactly What You’re Looking For

It’s finally here! The R-series PTZ we have all been waiting for. An affordable and compact 4K mini PTZ with active deterrence, A.I. powered intelligent events, and a user-friendly app where you can trigger derrents and control your PTZ all from your mobile phone. The stealth strobe lights on the sides of the PTZ are discreet and effortlessly blend into the environment. With the PTZs compact body and flexible mount, this camera can go anywhere you want it. That combined with the fact that the R-Series product line is known for being user-friendly and extremely affordable, makes for an amazing product. Check out this video showcasing all the features and specs of this PTZ.

This mini PTZ comes with a lot, so let's start off from the top. The PTZ has a 4K UltraHD resolution at 25 fps and a 4x optical zoom for crystal clear footage. It has an IR range of 165ft for night vision, and a weather-proof rating of IP66. There is a built-in microphone and speaker for 2-way audio communication.

two-way audio

Active Deterrence

Along with two-way communication, the speaker on the PTZ doubles as a loud siren to ward off unwanted intruders. The siren combined with the stealth strobe lights make for a very effective deterrent. When the stealth strobe lights aren’t activated, they are invisible; but when they are, bright red and blue lights will flash. You can flash your lights at will, from the live view on the web interface OR from your mobile device using the RXCamView app. You can also set the siren and warning lights to go off when triggered by intelligent events from the web interface.

rxcamview app

A.I. Powered Intelligent Events

The mini PTZ comes with artificial intelligence powered intelligent events. This means it has the ability to differentiate between vehicles, non vehicles and pedestrians, making it more reliable than simple motion-based events. The robust selection of intelligent events for the PTZ include face, human & vehicle, perimeter intrusion, and line crossing detection just to name a few. With this PTZ having active deterrence, you have the ability to pair it to any intelligent event. Watch this video to learn how!

Easy-to-Set Up

Just like all other R-Series products, the mini PTZ is very easy to set up and use. The PTZ comes out of the box all in one piece. The mounting bracket is attached to the PTZ itself so all you need to do is decide where and how you want to hang your PTZ. Use the screws provided in the box to place the PTZ. And you're done, it’s really that easy.

easy set up

The camera can support up to 128GB of onboard storage and is also ONVIF compatible for easy integration into an existing security system. To take advantage of the PTZs A.I. capabilities, we advise you to use the newer version of R-Series NVRs.

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