4MP vs 5MP! Which Security Camera Resolution Should You Actually Go With?

Which resolution has better image quality, 4MP or 5MP? This is a big question when it comes to security cameras. It’s easy to assume 5MP is the better resolution purely based on it having a higher pixel count than 4MP. But this isn’t necessarily the case.

In the video below, we compare and breakdown the differences between these two resolutions to help you figure out what fits you and your budget best.

Below we have full resolution images of 5MP and 4MP so you can get an idea what they look like side by side.

Like we said in the video, it ultimately comes down to your specific needs. 5MP does have more pixels, and could be exactly what you are looking for. 4MP is an amazing HD option as well and might be all you are needing.  Click here to check out all the 5MP cameras we have. And  click here if you want to see all the 4MP options we offer.

Thank you for reading this blog! We hope this was helpful.

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