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ZKTeco QR Code Scanners: the Future of Access Control

April 12, 2024
ZKTeco QR Code Scanners: the Future of Access Control
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The future of access control has come! It has arrived in the form of ZKTeco QR code scanners. Don’t waste anymore money on key cards, key fobs, and bluetooth app credentials. Unlock an access control door by simply putting a single-use QR code up to the reader. You can obtain the QR code from the completely free ZKey app on your mobile device. Once a QR code is used, simply hit the refresh button to get a new code, preventing the possibility of code sharing. It’s important to note, this scanner only works with a ZKTeco panel. Just like all ZKTeco devices, you will be able to view, monitor and control your AC system from the web interface or through the ZK Atlas mobile app. Check out the video we made showing off the QR code scanners.

QR code technology is fast, secure, and constantly evolving. With a QR code scanner, you don’t have to be spending extra money on cards, key fobs and bluetooth app credentials.

Cards, Key fobs etc

Getting single-use QR codes through the ZKey app is free and painless. Each QR code will only be able to be used once in order to prevent code sharing. You must hit the refresh button to get a new code.

Zkey app

Cards and key fobs might get lost, and that's just a waste of money. When you have someone temporarily needing building access, it doesn’t make sense financially. Say you have a contractor working for a month. You want to grant them a specific access level, but only temporarily until the job is done. It can be done very easily with the QR code scanner from the web interface.

Simply enroll the new user into your system, grant them whatever access level you want, then either give them the registration code or scan the QR code presented by the web interface with the ZKey app, and there you go. Access is issued!

With an access control system, you will be able to determine who has access to which area and monitor when and where they enter through a door from the web interface. You can also monitor and control your AC system from the ZK Atlas app. This app is admin level and only one free credit comes with the purchase of a system. If you want admin access on multiple devices, you’ll need to get extra credits.

Zk atlas app

The QR code scanner comes in two versions. The QR502V is the QR scanner with a pin pad for two-step authentication. The QR500 is the simpler option without a pin pad.

QR Code Scanner

The QR scanner with the pin pad has a waterproof rating of IP65. Since it comes with both the pin pad and the QR code reader, you can choose to use them together for an added layer of security, or you can choose to use either of them to gain entry. A scenario for the latter option would be if someone doesn’t have their phone on them, they can just use their pin to enter. But requiring both the pin and QR code for access definitely helps with beefing up security.

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