Working Smarter Not Harder with the IPCP- PoE Powered Spot Monitor

Have you ever wanted to view your security cameras from a secondary location, without having to mess with your NVR? Maybe your customer has a retail store and needs a public view monitor, or maybe management needs to be able to check security footage from their office. Well then, you need a spot monitor. And if you've ever messed with spot monitors before, you know how tricky they can be. Well, not anymore! IPCamPower has changed the game with their newest PoE-powered monitor, complete with an integrated 8-channel video decoder, which gives you the ability to display IP cameras that are on your network. Wondering about the purpose of a spot monitor, or how an integrated video decoder can improve your workflow and save you time and money? Keep reading!

What is a Spot Monitor?

A spot monitor is a monitor that allows you to view your security camera feeds at a secondary location. It can be used for lots of different things, but it’s really for when you need to view your cameras away from your NVR. This could be for customer monitoring in a retail setting, a personal monitor in a boss’s office to watch cameras, or in a hospital to check different areas. It’s a way to give access to the live video, without having your NVR publicly accessible.

There are two ways you can get this setup. The easy way, or the hard way. If you don't have an IPCP-Spot Monitor, then you've already chosen the hard way.

Setting up a spot monitor typically requires you to run an HDMI or VGA cable from your NVR to your monitor. In most cases, this means that your NVR will need to be near the spot monitor, as you'll start to see video degradation with longer HDMI cable runs. You could also buy another secondary NVR and another monitor that is in addition to your main NVR for the sole purpose of using it as a spot monitor, but that can be expensive, convoluted, and messy!

You'll also need to have a nearby power source for both your NVR and spot monitor, which depending on your setup, may require you to hire an electrician to run power to your monitor's location. Ultimately, this setup is not always feasible and may leave your NVR vulnerable if it's publicly accessible near the spot monitor. That's where IPCamPower's PoE powered spot monitor comes into play!

Introducing the IPCamPower PoE-Powered Spot Monitor

The all new IPCP Spot Monitor is PoE powered, meaning you can run a single cat5 cable from your PoE Switch or Injector directly to the spot monitor, providing both power and connectivity. This eliminates the need to supply a separate power source near the monitor, allowing you to place your spot monitor up to 330ft away from your PoE switch or injector. But wait, it gets better!

The IPCP Spot Monitor has its' own integrated 8-channel video decoder built directly into the monitor. It's preconfigured, so all you have to do is plug in your monitor and turn it on. Navigate to the menu, add up to 8 security cameras on the same local network as the monitor, and you have an all-in-one camera viewing solution using only one Ethernet cable. The integrated decoder uses the Onvif protocol to pull in the IP cameras, so it will work with virtually most all brands of IP cameras.

Pretty cool, right? So ditch the HDMI and extra power cables and start working smarter, not harder!

IPCamPower PoE-Powered Spot Monitor Specs

The monitor itself is 21.5 “ and has a FullHD resolution at 1080p. It also has built-in speakers as well as a mic input. There are so many ways you can use this spot monitor and with the plug-and-play setup and it being VESA mount compatible, you can put it anywhere!

 IPCamPower Spot Monitor 
The monitor ships with all cables connected as shown above.

Brand IPCamPower
Resolution FullHD 1080p
IP Channels Supported 8
Power Supply 12V DC (included); PoE+ (not included)
Video Input (2) HDMI; (1) VGA
Audio Input (1) Mic input
Audio Output Built-in speakers
USB Output Power output only
Diagonal Screen Size 21.5"
Dimensions 20.875" x 12.625"
Weight 12.05 lbs
PoE Requirements PoE+ (30W) minimum

Real World Scenario

Having to get up to go check your cameras is not ideal. It can be an even more frustrating waste of time when your NVR setup is across the building. You should be able to check your cameras immediately, and ideally from the comfort of your desk. That's where adding the spot monitor is a perfect solution.

Final Thoughts

If you're like the manager above and you're tired of the hassle having to get up to check your security cameras across the building, or you just need to add a spot monitor to a secondary location without leaving your NVR publicly accessible, then this is your solution! The all new IPCamPower PoE-Powered Spot Monitor with the built-in video decoder will save you time and money. Allowing you to work smarter, not harder. For more information, please check out the video below!

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