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Metal & Temperature Detector From Uniview: Two Products In One!

Uniview's Metal and Temperature Detecting Security Gate

Speed up your screening workflow with the USS-SC100A-TM-O security gate from uniview. Accurate temperature detection. Six adjustable metal detection zones. Take control over your security workflows and get more peace of mind with Uniview.

Uniview Security Gate Features

  • Accurate temperature detection module
  • Two temperature sensors at two different heights
  • Measure body temperature using your wrist or forehead
  • Adjustable temperature threshold
  • Temperature outputs in °F or °C
  • Contactless temperature detection for optimal hygeine
  • Six metal detection areas, moving from bottom to top
  • You can adjust the sensitivity of each of the six zones independently from the other zones
  • Metal detection alarm with adjustable duration and volume
  • Can detect metal objects as s mall as 1" x 1" x 0.7"

Quick Start Guide Video and PDF Manual

USS-SC100A-TM-O Quick Start Guide

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