Uniview's IP PTZ Camera Joystick and NVR Keyboard Review: The KB-1100

Are you still using your NVR’s mouse to control your PTZ? Do you find this process a bit clunky? Awkward? Difficult to track objects and change speeds on the fly? Well, we’re about to change your life! Check out this remote control NVR keyboard and PTZ joystick from Uniview! The KB-1100.

KB-1100 IP Surveillance Keyboard and Joystick Overview

The KB-1100 is a keyboard for your NVR, which you can connect through the network or through a hard-wired connection (with RS485 or RS282 connections).

With your keyboard, you can navigate through your NVR’s interface, switch from camera to camera, adjust settings, and watch playback.

But the main feature of this keyboard is its four-dimensional joystick, which you can use to control a PTZ. Easily move the joystick in any direction to pand and tilt your PTZ. Twist the joystick clockwise to zoom in and counter-clockwise to zoom out. The further your push the joystick, the faster the camera moves. Effortlessly pan, tilt, and zoom all at the same time. This allows you to smoothly track objects and point your camera at just the right spot every time.

KB-1100 Joystick and Keyboard

Quick-Start Guide

There's no web interface for this keyboard. All the configuration is done from the keyboard itself, using the tiny screen at the top of the keyboard. It can be a little tricky at first, but we have some resources to help you out. First, check out the video below for a complete start-to-finish setup tutorial.

We also have this quick start guide available in PDF form to help you navigate your keyboard's interface. This guide includes a breakdown of all the keyboard's keys and functions. Click the button below to download yours today!

KB-1100 Quick Start Guide


Let us know what you think of this keyboard in the comments below! If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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