Uniarch by Uniview: Bridging the Gap Between Professional and Consumer-Grade

Uniarch is a new video surveillance product line by Uniview. With the Uniarch line of products, you’re going to get the same level of exceptionalism you’ve come to know from Uniview, but in a more customer oriented package. The Uniarch line is geared more towards the customer experience. With the Uniarch line, the intention was to strip away a lot of the advanced technologies Uniview typically includes that may seem cluttered to someone that isn’t looking for a top of the line, professional security system. However, these cameras are still going to be a step-up and move more towards that professional grade experience.

To dive into the different aspects of this line, we should probably take a step back and look at the differences between professional and consumer-grade systems in general. So what are some of the differences between professional and consumer-grade systems?


Consumer-Grade Surveillance Brands

For the consumer-grade systems, we’re talking about a lot of brands you’re probably already familiar with. Ring, Google Nest, SimpliSafe. These are DIY security cameras that are meant for easy, quick set up and that have mobile optimized interfaces that are super user friendly. These can be a good option for someone who doesn’t have any experience with security systems and needs something extremely stripped down. However, with these systems being geared towards the user experience and ease, they can actually lack in some of the security features you might be looking for. These consumer products are often designed with an attempt to cut costs as much as possible, and may lack functionality and durability to keep them at their lower price point.

Consumer-grade vs. professional-grade brands

Professional-Grade Surveillance Brands

There is still a big jump from these types of systems, to more professional grade. In the professional sphere, those unfamiliar with the higher grade systems might not recognize many of the big player names, like Hikvision, Dahua, or Uniview. With the professional grade systems, a typical user may be overwhelmed by all the features offered, and they may have a more difficult time utilizing them. These interfaces are not designed for simple mobile use, and although they may be higher quality from a security system standpoint, it might miss the mark for what customers are looking for. The learning curve on using these higher end systems can be pretty substantial and are often bloated with features that you may never use if you’re just wanting something for a simple home installation. However, there are many elements to these higher end products that are desirable, like being made out of durable metal and having a wide range of resolutions. The Uniview line includes a full range of everything from 2MP (1080p) all the way up to 8MP (4K) and some even up to 12MP.

Bridging the Gap with Uniarch

With the design of the Uniarch line, Uniview is aiming to lower the barrier to entry for those wanting to move into a more professional-grade system, while still having the customer focused optimization that makes it easier to use. This doesn’t mean that the Uniarch camera is meant to compete directly with the consumer-grade systems, but it would be the next step to a more enhanced system. They’re taking some of the best features from their Uniview line and streamlining them to be consumer optimized while still including some of the scaled features of a more enhanced security system.

Uniarch is the bridge between these two spheres.

Similarities Between Uniview and Uniarch

With this new line from Uniview, you’re going to get several of the same features you’re used to, as well as having full compatibility with any products you already have. Uniarch cameras work seamlessly with Uniview NVRs. However, there are some additional features Uniarch NVRs will only support with Uniview cameras, like auto tracking and human body detection. Uniarch cameras do not include these features, but many Uniview models do. Any Uniview cameras currently on your EZView app will be able to be seen together with your new Uniarch cameras since they share a cloud account. It is a bonus that Uniarch is compatible with most Uniview products, but Uniarch is also a full line on its own. Meaning, you’ll be able to get cameras, recorders, and monitors all under this line of products. You can expect the same stunning quality of imagery across both product lines.

A Uniarch bullet security camera

A Uniarch bullet security camera.

A Uniarch bullet security camera

A standard Uniview bullet security camera.

Differences Between Uniview and Uniarch

With the Uniarch camera, to bring it more into the consumer realm, you can expect some other difference in the way the camera is put together. In most Uniview products, and most professional cameras in general, they’re going to have a durable metal build. They’re going to be feature rich and include things like AI and smart events. In typical consumer products you’re just going to see basic motion detection. Uniview products have these enhanced features, but some of these are not really necessary for basic consumer needs.The Uniarch is made of a durable, weatherproof plastic instead of metal, but it’s still going to hold up really well. It has basic motion detection but won’t have the AI capabilities.

The Uniarch line is a great alternative for some of the simpler consumer systems that don’t quite cut it, without making the leap to a professional-grade system. You’ll really get the best of both worlds with the enhanced mobile experience, which is a big deal for consumers, while also offering an upgraded camera that includes just the features your average customer is looking for. The Uniarch perfectly bridges the gap between consumer and professional systems, and is a worthwhile investment when thinking about your security needs.

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