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Smart and Compact 4MP PTZ with Deep Learning AI Technology: the IPC6424SR-X25-VF

The new full-sized NDAA Compliant PTZ camera from Uniview is here. Say hello to the IPC6424SR-X25-VF. This PoE powered PTZ has a sleek, compact design and is jam-packed with features such as LightHunter and deep learning AI technology! With a 2688 x 1520 4MP resolution at a clean 30fps, an endless 360° pan, a 25x zoom range AND a whopping 330ft IR range, this PTZ might be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Everything This PTZ Offers

If you haven’t already, check out this overview video showcasing the IPC6424SR-X25-VF.

Get your IPC6424SR-X25-VF today!

The Specs

First of all, let's talk about these beefy specs! This camera has a 2688 x 1520 4MP resolution for high quality images and records at 30fps for silky smooth footage. It has an endless 360° pan range and a 90° to -15° tilt range guaranteeing a lot of mobility. The focal length is 4.8-120mm meaning there’s a 25x optical zoom lens for this camera! You can optically zoom in for finer details and a tighter shot OR keep the camera zoomed out for a wide and encompassing view of everything.

PTZ zoom at 4.8mm

Zoomed out to 4.8mm

PTZ zoom at 120mm

Zoomed in to 120mm

For night vision, there is a mighty 330ft IR range. That's pretty impressive considering cameras typically have around 100ft. The PTZ has IP67 weather proofing and IK10 vandal proofing ratings. These specs are starting to sound too good to be true? Click on this link and read the spec sheet for yourself!

PTZ with specs

The pigtail of the camera includes the wires for audio in/out, an alarm and RS485 connectivity. It also includes both ethernet and BNC ports alongside a DC port for additional power supply options.

Now that we have the specs out of the way, let’s hop into the main features of the camera.

The Features

Deep Learning: This PTZ has deep learning artificial intelligence which allows the security camera to learn different object classifications therefore giving the camera the ability to recognize and differentiate between motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and people. Based on these classifications, the camera makes informed decisions about movement that it captures, sorting important activity from negligible information. Deep learning is smarter and more reliable than your average machine learning and is taking the security world by storm. Go ahead and check out this video we did about deep learning!

The PTZ comes with a wide assortment of intelligent events to choose from:

  • Line cross detection
  • Area entrance decection
  • Area exit detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Face detection
  • People flow couning
  • Crowd desity monitoring
  • Auto tracking

Check out our walkthrough video we made for this PTZ. Aside from unboxing and installing it, we go through Intelligent Events and how to set them up through the web interface.

Get your IPC6424SR-X25-VF today!

LightHunter: The camera is a LightHunter PTZ meaning it delivers high clarity images in low illuminated environments! It won’t take much light for you to have an image bursting with color and clarity. Keep in mind, LightHunter is not as low-light optimized as ColorHunter. So in the case of it being too dark to use LightHunter, the colossal 330ft IR range will have you more than covered.


LightHunter sample


330 IR range sample

330 IR Night Vision

The PTZ supports two options for recording: internal recording using a MicroSD card for up to 256 GB of footage storage, and the other being plug-and-play with an Uniview NVR for external recording. It is ONVIF compatible so you won’t have any issues connecting and recording to any third party NVRs as well.


This PTZ really gives you everything and more! If you are wanting a compact, attractive PTZ with a 25x zoom factor, amazing image quality especially at night AND a deep learning AI system then this camera could be for you! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on new security system products and innovations.


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