R-Series Camera and Recorder Updates!

Breaking news for fans of our R-Series: it’s getting revamped! Some of the old products you love are being updated with even better features, and we have some awesome new products to add to this line! Be sure to check back often as we’ll continue to update this page as our old cameras get updated. If you’re not already, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t miss any updates!

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5MP Vandal Dome (M5VD-2)

We have an update to one of your old favorites, the M5VD! The M5VD is one of our most popular cameras of all time, so we’re pumped to have new M5VD-2 models, they’re going to blow you away. They have a ton of improvements and add ons from the older model.

The M5VD-2 captures 20 frames per second, upgraded from 15 frames per second and features a wider field of view, up to 97° from 92° in the previous model. This newer model includes a built-in microphone, a reset button, as well as a MicroSD card slot and has the capability for 128GB of onboard storage.

Unfortunately this model doesn’t include a built-in junction box, but we’re working on it! We will have junction boxes available soon that can be purchased as an accessory. You’ll also need to look out for a port change. Before, the default was set at 7050, but this has been changed to 9000. When you log into the desktop or mobile app, you’re going to have to put in the port number. If you’re not sure where this is located, you can always find this information using the Device Configuration Tool, which can be downloaded on the product page.

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8MP Turret (M8T-2)

We also have some updates with the M8T model. The M8T-2 model includes the built-in microphone and MicroSD card slot, as well as the default port change to 9000. To get to the MicroSD card in this model, you’ll have to take off the sleeve and then remove the ball from the socket. Then veerrryy carefully, take a tiny screwdriver to get to the inside wiring. Be very careful to not lose any screws. We know from experience.

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R-Series NVRs

Lastly, we bring you the 16-NVR4Kb and 8-NVR4Kb. This update is big because with these new recorders, you’ll no longer need a plugin to access the web interface! Most cameras require you to download a plugin and only run through Internet Explorer. Not anymore! These new updates allow you to access the interface through Chrome or Internet Explorer, all you need is the latest firmware, which can be downloaded from the product page. There is also a massive increase in storage. The new NVRs in this line support hard drives up to 8TB, up from the previous max of 6TB. Nothing with features has really changed at all, but this recorder is now NDAA-compliant! If you want any more info on this, you can check out one of our older posts that goes into more detail on NDAA compliance and what changes were made.

Stay tuned, we’re expecting additional updates to more products in this line

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