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Pre-Configured Pair of Ubiquiti Nano Station Loco M5 Wireless Access Points

In the following video I will show an example of how easy it is to connect the Nano Stations and access a camera. Of course, this is a quick demo I set up, so it's only transmitting a few feet compared to the 6 Miles you can send a signal with clear line of sight.

Ubiquiti M5 Nano Stations are two-way wireless transmitters that make a long distance wireless signal between two or more devices possible. With a normal home or business Wi-Fi router you're limited to a small radius inside and in some cases outside of the home or building. That limited range creates a problem if you need to add a device to your network that is much farther away. This is where the Ubiquiti M5's come into play.

The M5's will not only transmit much further away, but they can actually transmit a wireless signal up to 10km or roughly six miles. Of course six miles is a long distance to shoot a wireless signal and most won't need to go that far. However, no matter if the distance is 500 feet or 6 miles, there must be a clear line of sight to each M5 Nano Station receiver. With any obstruction such as a building or excessive tree coverage, the signal will not pass through. One or two branches with leaves shouldn't cause too much of a signal loss.

The Nano Stations come with default settings out of the box and to some people the interface can be a little overwhelming at first due to all the advanced settings. That's where our pre-configuration comes in. We do any and all configuration necessary to get the Nano Stations set up for your location so you can "plug-n-play" right out of the box. Whether you're an end-user and brand new to Ubiquiti products or are a seasoned installer, our pre-configured Nano Station pairs will have you up and running in no time. And of course, time is money.

Many people use the Nano Stations to add cameras to a barn, shed, garage, or building located far away from their home or business, ultimately eliminating the need to run any long distance cables. With all of the pre-configuration done by our technical team before shipping, we take all of the guess work out to provide a smooth installation and a worry free setup.

That's all! No hassle, no frustration, just strong long range wireless access to any areas that have a clear line of sight.

How to Connect Your Nano Station:

In this picture we have the the first Nano Station (Nano Station 1) that will be connected to your main network in your home or business. To connect Nano Station 1 we first need to plug an ethernet cable into the LAN port on the power supply that came with the Nano Station.

The other end of that cable should go directly to the router or a switch that is plugged into a router. Next, we will supply the Nano Station with power by connecting an ethernet cable from the POE port on the power supply to the Nano Station.

Lastly, we'll plug the Nano Stations power supply into a wall socket or surge protector.

Now that we have Nano Station 1 connected to our main network and powered we will need to go to our second location where we will be connecting Nano Station 2.

To connect Nano Station 2, we will first supply power to the Nano Station by connecting an ethernet cable from the POE port on the power supply directly to the LAN port on the Nano Station 2.

Next we have an ethernet cable going from the LAN port on the power supply to a POE switch the camera(s) are connected to which is also supplying power to the camera. Keep in mind a POE switch will send data and power all through one cable to each camera and is the ideal way to set this up. If you don't have a POE switch you will need to power the camera using a power supply as the Nano Station will not power a camera.

Lastly, plug the power supply into a wall socket or surge protector to power up the Nano Station 2 and create a connection between Nano Station 1 and Nano Station 2.

Thanks for reading our article over the Ubiquiti M5 Nano Stations. Feel free to give us a call anytime if you have any questions.

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