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Sell It Like a Pro: Maximizing Profits with the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera System

Welcome to the “Sell It Like a Pro” series, where we’ll be sharing tips and strategies for selling our products to your customers. As a security dealer, you know that providing high-quality products is important, but it’s also crucial to effectively communicate the value of those products to your customers. In this series, we’ll be focusing on different products and offering guidance on how to sell them effectively. From highlighting key features and benefits, to demonstrating how the products can solve your customers' problems, to clever ways to position your products in the market, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to close more deals and grow your business.

In this “Sell It Like a Pro” blog post, we’ll be focusing on the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera System, a professional-grade complete kit that delivers everything you need for a small-scale, hard-wired video surveillance system. It’s perfect for small businesses and residential applications. We have other content that goes deeper into this product, but today we’re going to be focusing on how to sell it.

In a nutshell, this system is great for your business because you can sell a complete professional-grade system for a competitive price and still make great profits. This system also gives you the opportunity to shift business models and sell your customers on a complete DIY system with potential for future upsells.

There’s a lot to talk about here, so let’s dive right in.

Why You Should Sell Uniview’s All-in-One Kit

There are many reasons why security professionals should consider selling the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera System to their customers. One of the main reasons is price. When you piece a comparable system together using individual products, you can end up spending significantly more money. With the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera System, you get everything you need in a single, convenient package, saving you both time and money.

This system is particularly well-suited for small-scale installations with eight cameras or less. It provides a comprehensive solution at an affordable price, allowing you to keep your prices competitive and your profit margins high. By offering this all-in-one system to your clients, you can provide them with a high-quality, professional-grade security camera system without breaking the bank.

This is also a flexible system, both for you and for your clients. There is a variety of ways you can sell it. You can use the products from the kit in an ordinary installation. You can sell it as a DIY system. There are plenty of opportunities for upsells. And since it’s nice and compact, you can keep several of these on hand, even if you don’t have much room for additional stock.

In addition to all of this, the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera System offers a range of benefits that your customers will love. We’ll talk about these in more detail in a couple of sections.

This kit comes with six 4MP turrets

This kit comes with six 4MP turrets

This kit comes with a 4K 8-Channel NVR

This kit comes with a 4K 8-Channel NVR

This kit comes with all the included cables that you need

It includes all the cables that you need

It's quick and easy to set up

It's quick and easy to set up

Who Needs Uniview’s All-in-One Kit

It’s important to note that this video surveillance system is not for everybody. It’s a specific product that solves a specific need. You know your customers better than we do, so take everything we say here with a grain of salt. But here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

Who It’s For

  • Residential and small business clients seeking a small-scale yet professional-grade system
  • Residential and small business clients seeking a simple DIY option
  • Residential and small business clients who don’t care about having all the features at their disposal

Who It’s Not For

  • Any client who needs more than 8 cameras
  • Any client who might need more than 8 cameras in the future
  • Any client who might want or need a healthy range of intelligent events and artificial intelligence
  • Any client who wants the best technology that you can offer

Yes, you should want to sell these kits to your customers, because it’s a great value. But your first priority has to be finding what’s right for the customer. If after speaking with your client you determine that this would be a good system for them, then great. It’s time to flip into sales mode!

How to Sell Uniview’s All-in-One Kit

So you’ve determined that this is the best system for your customer. How do you communicate that to them? More importantly, how do you close that sale? Well there are tons of proven methods for selling products to customers, and you know your customers well enough to know what works. So we’re not going to go too far down the rabbit hole on salesmanship and marketing theory. Here we just want to talk about one important aspect to selling anything: features vs. benefits.

Features Vs. Benefits

When we say “features,” we mean basic details or specifications about the product. Features are great, because without any features you don’t really have a product at all. But your customers don’t care about the features. That’s because we as consumers don’t buy features; we buy benefits. Benefits are the advantages that a product and its features provide to the customer, and it’s the only thing that’s going to move a customer from point A to point B.

A diagram illustrating the effect of benefits, which move potential customers from point A (not a customer) to point B (satisfied customer)

So, if you sell security cameras, you’re not actually selling security cameras. You’re selling peace of mind, safety, confidence, a good night’s sleep, stress-free vacations, protection from theft and vandalism, defense from liability and insurance fraud, increased property value, higher levels of business productivity and customer satisfaction. The security camera? It’s just a vehicle to get there.

Here are some examples of the features of this security camera system and the benefits they provide to the user. When selling this system, lean more into the benefits and shy away from listing feature after feature.

Feature Benefit
4MP HD Turret Cameras crystal-clear video footage with improved identification of potential threats
2TB of pre-installed storage Take control of your storage with no monthly fees, leading to improved organization and management of security data
6 cameras, 6 cables, and an NVR Everything you need to set up a security camera system in one convenient and affordable package
Plug-and-play compatibility Instant setup with no configuration; ideal for those without much video surveillance tech experience
Pre-made Cat5e Ethernet cables Convenient setup without the hassle of crimping, but still maintaining a reliable and high-performing system
IP67 weatherproof and IK10 vandal proof A long-lasting, high durability system with limited maintenance and repair; set it and forget it!
Deep learning AI-powered human body detection Reduce false alarms, save storage space, and only get notified for important activity
Additional PoE ports Expandable system that can grow and adapt with the customer’s needs

Do you get the picture? Your customer really doesn’t care about the technical specs of the system. They care about what the system can do for them, how it can solve their problems and make their lives safer and more convenient.

Focus on Competitive Pricing

One of the biggest selling points for this system for you as a dealer is the attractive price point. Now when you first hop onto our website and visit the product page, you’re not going to see a pretty number at all. That’s because, due to Uniview’s protected sales channel, we’re only allowed to publicly display that MSRP. But once you log into your free dealer account, you’ll see that price drop dramatically. In fact, do that right now so that we’re all on the same page. Did you log in? Did you see the price for this kit? Good.

How did we get the price so low? It’s all about the products included in this kit. Again, it’s geared toward people who don’t care about having the best technology on the market. So the turret camera is more on the entry-level side of Uniview cameras. It also has more plastic parts than other Uniview cameras. It’s not nearly as feature-packed as other cameras that you might be used to. This is how we’re able to sell the system at a lower price point without sacrificing quality or performance.

The camera doesn’t have all the intelligent events or the full range of artificial intelligent features, but it’s still a great camera with excellent imagery and professional-grade technology. And that’s what many people are looking for in the age of the cheap consumer-grade camera: affordable, professional-grade equipment. And that’s what you can provide to them with this kit.

Check out the images and sample footage below to get a better idea of how this system looks. You can’t tell by looking at the imagery that this is anything less than a standard 4MP Uniview camera.

The 4MP Turret During the Day

The 4MP Turret During the Day

The 4MP Turret During the Night with its 100ft IR Range


Watch the video above at the highest resolution available. Notice the crisp detail and smooth, 25fps motion.

Uniview’s Protected Sales Channel

We’ve already hinted at this in the blog post, but with Uniview’s protected sales channel, no one is allowed to publicly show any price below the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). Our customers find it annoying that we display the MSRP publicly on all of our Uniview products, then require them to log in to see the real price. We agree that this isn’t always convenient, but it’s actually great for your business. Here’s why.

Imagine that you send out a quote to a customer for this Uniview All-in-One Security Camera System. Then they hop on the Internet to try and find a lower price. They hit up Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay. But with Uniview, they’re not going to be able to find a price that beats yours, because everything they see will be the MSRP. This whole protected sales channel is really there to help you out. If you want to learn more about it, we have a blog post here to give you a bit more info on that. An iceberg diagram showing how Unview's sales channel works. Click the image to visit our Protected Sales Channel blog post.

So by getting our dealer pricing on this kit, you’re still going to have plenty of room to mark up the system while keeping it lower than the MSRP price point. This means your customers won’t be able to price shop you, they’ll realize they’re getting a good deal from a valued security professional, and you’ll still be able to end the day with a healthy profit margin.

Now let’s talk about a couple of strategies to help you increase those profit margins even more.

Different Business Models for Selling the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera Kit

We’ve talked about potential reasons why you might want to sell this security camera kit to your customers. But there’s one big benefit that we haven’t mentioned yet. The fact that this camera system is easy to set up for just about anyone means this system is flexible enough to sell it in a few different ways.

First, you can follow the traditional model of providing professional installation services for your customers. While this can be lucrative, it does have some limitations in terms of scalability and time. In this section, we’ll explore an alternative business model that offers greater flexibility and potential for growth: selling the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera Kit as a DIY solution. We’ll also discuss the upsell potential of this system, particularly for customers who are more likely to stick around and upgrade their systems over time. By understanding these different models and how they can work for you, you’ll be better equipped to maximize your profits with the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera Kit.

Professional Installation vs. a DIY System

Professional installation is the bread and butter of a security integrator. People choose you because of your experience and expertise in installing security systems. And while that expertise is definitely needed for large business and enterprise installations that could take weeks or months to complete, it may not be necessary for six-camera small business or residential installations. For a specific type of customer, DIY could be the way to go.

Selling the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera Kit as a DIY system involves you shipping the equipment to your customers, providing support when needed, and saving yourself the time and money of traveling and installing a small system. Instead of physically going to the location, you can simply provide the necessary resources and support to help your customers through the setup process. If you need some additional support from us, send us an email and let us know. We can get you some resources that you can use to help your customers. We can also offer drop shipping for you, so that you can send the products directly from our warehouse to the customer. If we take this route, just put your customer’s info in the shipping section when you check out. Also, send us an email letting us know to blind ship your products so that we can leave the packing slip out of the order and leave our name off of everything.

It’s important to note that this kind of setup isn’t going to work for every customer. You should make sure that your customers are at least somewhat technologically savvy and good with their hands. Your customer needs to have a good idea of what they’re getting into. If you end up selling a DIY system to the wrong type of customer, you might end up having to make the trip out anyway to help with damage control.

The nice thing about selling this kit as a DIY system is that you’ll be able to offer the kit for an even lower price, opening your customer base to a new type of customer that might not have purchased from you before. You’ll also be able to focus your energy more on the bigger jobs that actually move the needle in your business without having to spend too much time traveling from house to house installing four or five cameras at a time.

Like we’ve already mentioned, you know your customers better than we do. Only you’re going to know if this model is a good idea for your business and for your customers. Whatever you choose to do and however you choose to install this kit, it’s flexible enough to help you maximize your profits and increase customer satisfaction. Which leads us to the next point: customer stickiness.

Creating a Sticky Customer with the Uniview All-in-One Security Camera Kit

One of the worst parts about dealing with small-scale clients is the one-and-done nature of their relationship with security integrators. You install a few cameras, show them how to use it, give them your number, and never hear from them again. Unless, of course, they’re having trouble with their system.

But with Uniview’s All-in-One Security Camera System, you have a couple of opportunities to keep your residential and SMB clients happy and coming back for more. Here’s how.

When you install the system or send it to your clients to install for themselves, be sure to let them know that this is on the lower end of the professional-grade security camera spectrum. Tell them more about Uniview and about all the great features and types of cameras that they have, and then tell them that the cameras they’ll be receiving are lower-end models that scale back the features for smaller scale systems.

You can also mention that they’re getting an 8-channel NVR, but only six cameras for their property. This means that, should they ever decide to try out another Uniview camera, they can call you anytime and you can set them up with another camera or two. You can upsell them on a 4K camera, a ColorHunter, an active deterrence camera, or any other kind of camera you think they might need.

After a few months, your customer might wonder what it would be like to have a higher quality camera included in their system. When they do, they’ll give you a call to see what else you have to offer.

Not every small-scale customer is going to be interested in future upgrades. In fact, most won’t be. But by opening up your business model to the DIY-type customer, there’s more potential here. People who are interested in installing their own professional-grade security camera systems usually enjoy DIY projects around their home or business. These types of customers are going to be easier to upsell over time than your typical residential or small business customer. They’re going to want to learn more about the higher resolution cameras and the different features. Over time, they may even want to upgrade their entire system, and you’ll be there to help them every step of the way.

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