How to Get Started With Alarm Panels: A 2GIG Webinar

Here at Nelly’s our motto is “Always Move Forward”, and we want our dealers to be a part of that as well. That’s why we’re always looking to bring you new resources to help you succeed in the security industry. And in October of 2021, we brought our dealers an exclusive webinar from 2GIG: How to Get Started with Alarm Panels. It was a great webinar packed with information. If you're reading this after October, it's not too late! The webinar will always be accessible from the dealer Facebook group. Just click here to jump into the group, then click "Guides." The "How to Get Started With Alarms" webinar is under the "2GIG EDGE" guide.

Here’s the deal. If you’re offering camera installation services, you need to be offering alarm panels. If you aren’t, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. If you add alarm panels to your offerings, it will help upsell your customers into complete systems, bring in residual income, and equip you for the “3G Sunset” that’s coming. Let’s break that down.

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Easily Upsell Your Customers

Adding alarm panels into your offerings is another way to utilize the installation skills you already have to easily bring in more money. Alarm panels are installer-friendly; the barrier to entry is almost non-existent. To really master it, all you’ll need to learn is how to program the sensors. It’ll be smooth sailing from there! In fact, alarm panels are easier to install than security cameras. If you aren’t including alarms in your offering, you’re practically giving money away!

If you aren’t offering alarms, there’s a chance your customers will find someone who does. There has been a big increase in alarm systems and surveillance bundles for users to have an integrated system for all their home safety and automation needs. Some customers are seeking this out so they don’t have to go through multiple channels to get their entire system set up. They’re looking for one solution and one person they can hire to get it done. So why shouldn’t that person be you?

Bring in Residual Income

When you’re installing security equipment, it’s usually a one-and-done kind of deal. You show up, you install the equipment, and you get your check. But why stop there when you can continue to bring income from that customer month after month?

Adding alarms to your security offerings will give you a source for residual income. After the initial installation, you’ll continue to get monthly income from the monitoring and service fees. These fees can range in price, but they are a great way to boost revenue and build a long-lasting customer relationship. They’ll remember your name and your company, and will be more likely to recommend you months and even years later.

Prepare for the 3G Sunset

Lastly, learning alarm panels now will give you the tools to take advantage of a unique opportunity. You see, the time of 3G is coming to an end. The technology has become outdated and it’s being discontinued by several service providers. Once that happens, older alarm panels that use 3G will become obsolete. Customers will be forced to upgrade their older alarms and you’ll want to have the solutions to offer them!

When you get started with alarm panels from Nelly’s Security, you’ll get to sell both old and new customers high-quality, modern alarm technology built with LTE, which stands for long term evolution. As cellular technology continues to advance, you can rest assured that you’re handing out equipment that is built to evolve with technological advancements. Soon, there’s going to be a lot of people looking for this kind of service, and you’ll be there to welcome them with open arms.

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Your First Steps

Now that you’re convinced that you need to jump onto the alarm panel bandwagon, what’s the next step? Well, we’re excited to have partnered with 2GIG to present a webinar on getting into the alarm game. In this webinar, they share some crucial tips with you as well as some information about their great products. This is an exclusive event for our Nelly’s Dealers. So if you’re a dealer, just click here to join the group.

If you aren’t a Nelly’s Dealer, but you’re interested in becoming one, you can create a dealer account here. Being a Nelly’s Dealer is free and it has many perks including discounts and special pricing, free and premium branding, and exclusive content and networking opportunities!

We’re excited to see how this event can help our dealers continue to learn new skills and move their businesses forward.

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