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How To Enable Intelligent Markers On Your Security Camera Live Feeds

Intelligent Markers

Enabling the intelligent markers on your cameras is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your cameras. Using this feature will optimize your footage and help you quickly identify the information you’re looking for. Intelligent markers highlight key information so it’s easily identifiable when you’re reviewing your feed. It will highlight intruders walking through, cars going past, and can even highlight license plates for easy identification. Setting up these parameters for line crossing and intrusion will really elevate your footage, and it’s as simple as clicking a button in most cases! We’ll explain three common ways to enable intelligent markers from your web browser, NVR HDMI interface, or EZStation.

Three Ways To Enable

The steps for enabling intelligent markers are going to be pretty similar across different manufacturers, but for this example we are looking at Uniview models.

Web Browser

To enable intelligent markers from your web browser, you’ll simply follow a series of menus. You’ll first go to Settings, then to the Common Menu. Under the Common Menu dropdown you’ll see Local Parameters, and from there you’ll be able to turn on intelligent markers!

NVR HDMI Interface

You’re going to follow a similar path when enabling from your NVR interface, but with a few name changes for your menu options. You’re going to look for the Menu, then go to System, and at the top you’ll see Basic Setup. From there, you can check the box to enable intelligent markers!


This is the last, and quickest way to get intelligent markers setup! Using EZStation, you won’t even have to go into a separate settings menu. From the main screen you’ll right click, and in the preview window that appears you’ll simply toggle the VCA rule option on. Unlike the browser or NVR options, here you’ll be able to do this by camera. So you can pick and choose which cameras you’d like to have intelligent markers enabled on! Just click into each camera feed individually to set them up.

Having intelligent markers enabled helps you get the most out of your equipment and will make reviewing your footage easier. When they’re this easy to set up, it’s a no brainer!

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