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Comprehensive Review of V622 Indoor 180 degree 1080p Hidden Security Camera with 2-Way Audio and Integrated Bluetooth Speaker V622 Hidden Indoor Security Camera

Have you ever wanted to put a security camera inside your home or office but didn’t really want the security camera to, well, look like a security camera? has solved this issue by making a security camera that looks like an audio speaker.

What's great is, it doesn't just look like an audio speaker; it is an audio speaker! Not only can you use this to view your home or business, but you can also stream music via Bluetooth.

Let's take a look at the camera and its features!

Key Features and Setup's V622 with all its parts labelled.

The box contents include...

  • The v622 180 degree 1080P security camera
  • Mounting hardware
  • A 12v power adapter
  • A set of simple instructions

Most users will opt to simply set the camera on a shelf or a table of some sort.But the camera does with a simple yet ingenious integrated wall mount for those who would prefer to mount their camera.

There is a lever that pivots up and down, which also hides the power and LAN connection:

A simple yet brilliant wall mount is hidden in the back of the camera.

To mount the camera, simply pull the lever down, put it up on the wall, drill your screws through the 2 holes, and push the speaker back up:

Mounting the V622 on the wall is simple and efficient.

Setup was super simple. There are a few ways you can get it connected to your network. One way is through a network cable via the LAN Connection. The camera utilizes a POE connection should you decide to go that route.

However, I suspect most users will opt for the Wi-Fi connection, which is also very easy to set up.

Once everything is set up, viewing the camera's feed through’s web interface and mobile app is a breeze. The camera boasts a 1080p image with an incredibly wide 180 degree viewing angle. Take a look at a snapshot and video taken from the camera:

A screenshot from the V622 1080p Wi-Fi camera.

The camera's 2 way audio is clear and echo free. It's quite loud as compared to other 2-way cameras we have tested in the past.

One cool feature the camera has is a "Push To Call" button. Anyone standing by the camera can push the button to send a push notification to all app users. This will initiate a 2-way video call. Check it out below:

To top it all off, the camera can act as a Bluetooth speaker if you wish. We have this in our showroom and use it to stream Pandora and Spotify from a nearby mobile phone.

The audio can be very loud, and the quality is surprisingly decent. The volume controls are located at the top of the camera.

This camera also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to stream music from your mobile device.

Overall, I think this is a top choice for customers who are interested in putting a camera in a living or work area without the appearance of an obtrusive surveillance device. The video and audio quality, the camera's features, the excellent design, and even the Blueooth speaker functions all make this camera and excellent choice.

If you have any further questions about this camera, please let us know! We'd love to help you decide if the V622 is right for you!

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