Can You See the Forest or the Trees? You Won't Have to Choose With This PTZ

Choosing the Right Camera

When choosing cameras for a project, you typically have to get pretty specific with the goals you have in mind. What information do you need? You have to consider if you want a wider field of view to have an eye on everything, a focused shot of a problem area, or a camera option that seeks out the little details with a license plate capture. After you figure out the objectives for your camera, you’ll be able to find a camera that fits your needs. Or you’ll probably end up needing five different types. This can be expensive and frustrating, especially when you only have one location for your surveillance.

CCTV technology is always evolving, but it usually evolves with one solution at a time in mind. That’s where Uniview’s Dual Lens Mini PTZ comes in. You won’t have to choose between a close-up detailed image or an overview, because you can get both from the same camera: a wide angle lens on top, and a fully adjustable PTZ on the bottom. You’ll be able to invest in one option that gives you all the views you’ll need.

How Does That Work?

This camera is essentially two cameras in one PTZ form. It features two separate lenses that give you two different camera feeds so you won’t miss anything. With a traditional PTZ, you’re going to only have a varifocal lens. This gives you the option for a wide overview or a cropped image that’s zoomed in, but not both at the same time.You’re also able to move the lens around, which can be really handy.

However, it can also leave you vulnerable. An intruder or an important event could be lurking just outside the frame. With this dual lens PTZ, now you don’t have to choose which view is right. You’ll be able to look up close and personal when you use the 4x zoom on the varifocal lens, while still keeping an eye on the bigger picture from the wide angle lens.

So with this setup, you’re getting the best shot to catch all of the action wherever it happens. But this camera does even more to ensure you capture any events of interest. If your PTZ is facing a different direction and the wide angle lens detects an intrusion, the lenses communicate and the PTZ will automatically move to start tracking the subject.

Not only will you be able to catch all the details if an intruder does come in, but you’ll also be able to deter an incident from happening. This camera supports active deterrence functionality and can sound an alarm letting the person on video know they’re being recorded.

What Does It Look Like?

The body of this camera is going to look pretty similar to what we’ve come to expect from a Uniview Mini-PTZ. However, there are a few improvements to the design that make this model stand out. There’s the obvious difference with the addition of the wide angle lens, but Uniview also made an adjustment to the camera mount. On previous PTZ models, the mount was locked, which forced you to install it vertically. On this new model, the mount is adjustable. This allows you alot more freedom and flexibility with your installs and where you’re able to put this camera.

Once you have your PTZ installed, let’s talk about what the feed is going to look like. Since we’re looking at two different lenses that have separate sensors and feeds, when you pull this camera into your NVR it’ll take up two separate channels.

Wide Angle Lens

From the wide lens on top, you’re going to get a wide overview of your scene. Uniview calls this a “panoramic” camera, but it doesn’t completely have these capabilities. It has a 2.8mm lens with a 102.4° field of view and is only vertically adjustable. It’s meant to sit and capture a wide view of your scene, so it won’t require too many adjustments. It has a true wide dynamic range and its own IR LEDs. However, the range is only going to be about 32 feet.

The wide angle lens is going to be where your intelligent events are noted. You can set up line crossing, intrusion detection, people entering or exiting the area. That will all be shown with the wide angle on top. The PTZ at the bottom is going to work with the wide angle lens when one of those smart events occurs, and it can automatically move to start tracking where the event happened. You won’t see the events noted on the feed of the bottom PTZ, but it’s still working with the wide lens to focus in on those occurrences.

PTZ Lens

The bottom PTZ still has a ton of great things going on. It has a 2.8mm-12mm varifocal lens with 345° pan, and a -10°`~100° tilt. It also has all the standard PTZ features including 255 presets, 16 patrol routes, and home position support. It has IR LEDs like the fixed lens does, but these are much more powerful. The IR LEDs on the PTZ have a range up to 164 feet, and they’ll be able to move around as your PTZ changes position. In addition to the IR LEDs, they also include white light LEDs. With these lights added, you have the ability to put your camera into three night modes. The first mode is “IR Mode” which is just the IR LEDs with no white light or color. If an event is triggered in this mode, the white lights will still flash as normal. The second mode is “Color Mode” and for that the white lights will stay on all the time. If an event is triggered in this mode, the lights will not flash and only the alarm function will be activated. The last mode is going to be “Mixed Light” and this is the hybrid of the previous modes. The IR lights will be on by default, and if an event is triggered the white lights will turn on but they will not flash. The feed will also switch to color. You’ll be able to tailor your settings to get the best image possible and full color 24/7.

Wrapping Up

No matter what your needs are, this camera is versatile enough for it all. With two lenses acting together seamlessly, you get the view of two high powered cameras with the functionality of one. This PTZ is a great option for both commercial and residential use if you’re looking for one solution to give you all the views you’re looking for. It’s cost effective, feature packed, and an overall great investment in your security system!

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