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Akuvox: The Premier Door Intercom System

Akuvox is here and you are looking at the premier line of intercom system products! This system is ideal for multi-tenant residences or business use, as well as a great option for a single home or office. With incredible integration features and a wide range of products to choose from, this line has something for everywhere.

These are great additions to our line of access control products and we’re rolling out several different models of each product to make sure there's something to meet any set of specific needs. There are multiple options for both doorphones and monitors. Whatever type of setup you're needing, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in this line from Akuvox.

The Intercoms: Akuvox R20A and 29S

Starting with the doorphones, we offer two options, the Akuvox R20A and the Akuvox R29S. The Akuvox R20A has a slim build and will easily fit wherever. It features a 2MP camera, an RFID card reader, and a call button. You’ll be able to use both of these devices with ease through your smartphone or with a monitor. When a visitor pushes the button you’ll get a notification on your phone and you’ll be able to check who’s there, initiate a call with them, and let them in.. or not. All of this can be done in a few simple clicks on your phone; you never even have to get up! This smaller version is going to be optimal for single-family residences, small offices, or any building operating with few users.

If you’re going to have a larger number of different users, in bigger offices or large apartment complexes, the Akuvox R29S is going to be the setup for you. This system is much larger and offers even more features like a 3MP camera, facial recognition, anti-spoofing, multiple authentication modes, a digital keypad, a configurable display, and an RFID reader. It also has features that allow people to only have temporary access to the building. You can do this with a QR code or a temporary password. This is an awesome feature for maintenance workers or deliveries.

All of these features can be accessed from your phone, but if you’re in a larger residential building and wanted a more traditional setup that could be accessed in each apartment, you could set up the larger R29S in the lobby and have an R20A in each individual apartment.

A sample setup for an Akuvox system

Both of these systems can be used by themselves or integrated into an existing access control system. If you’re integrating with another system, they’ll act as an RFID card reader that’s wired directly into your access control panel via Wiegand data wires. They’re easy to set up with PoE and have a stable RTSP feed for integrating with your video surveillance system. You’ll be able to access your cameras through the monitors by entering your RTSP feed. If you need help locating your security camera’s RTSP feed, we have a guide right here!

You can also pull the RTSP feed into your NVR to record the video feeds from your intercoms. To do that, you’d just need to enter the following RTSP address for your Akuvox device, swapping out “username,” “password,” and “IP address” with your own info:

Akuvox Monitors: The C315W, X933W, and C319A

There are a couple of different options for monitors. They range from basic features to basically having a tablet on your wall, where you’ll be able to download apps from the Android store. We offer the C315W, the X933w, and the C319A models. All of these models feature built-in bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the ability to receive video, and two-way audio communication. They can all be powered either with PoE or with an external power source.

With the C315W you’ll have a 7 inch touch screen monitor with 8 channel inputs and one embedded relay.

The X933w is similar in specs, but with the added bonus of operating on the Android network. You’ll be able to download apps from the Android store, like games or Spotify. How cool?!

With the C319A you upgrade from a 7 inch monitor to a 10 inch monitor with an IPS LCD display. You’ll still have all the features mentioned as well as the addition of a 1MP camera for optional two-way video communication. These monitors would be great to include throughout your home to utilize as an intercom system, perfect for communicating with people inside your house and out!

We are so excited about this line of Akuvox products. These doorphones and monitors are going to be perfect for a brand new setup or to be seamlessly integrated into an existing system. Access control products are becoming increasingly popular, so make sure you’re up to date with all the latest equipment!

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