A First Look At The Uniview Unicorn

Introducing the Unicorn

When we say this thing is a beast… Trust us. Ok well it’s actually a mythical creature, but when you see everything that it can do, you’re going to think it’s a beast. The Uniview Unicorn is a feature packed server that is bursting with possibilities for managing your security system, no matter how large it is. It has 16 hard drive slots with corresponding lights on the front of the machine, so you’re able to tell immediately that you’re connected properly or if your connection has been lost. You can add up to 1,000 devices, yes you read that right, 1,000 devices. That doesn’t mean just 1,000 cameras, the Unicorn can be connected to any IP device including up to 265 cloud devices. You’re even able to add NVRs that are on a different network and pull them into the Unicorn via the cloud. You’ll be able to record up to 2,000 channels between the devices connected to the Unicorn and an additional 1,000 managed by other NVRs.This setup would be ideal for multi campus offices or schools. You’d be able to manage them all together from the EZView app and see footage from anywhere with the click of a button. You don’t have to stop at cameras or NVRs either, you can even expand your access control with the Unicorn by adding alarm systems and door sensors. All of this will pull into the Unicorn server seamlessly.


The most important thing to remember about the Unicorn is that it’s a server, not an NVR. Even though it does have the capability to record video over the network and function as an NVR, it’s so much more. You should think of the Unicorn as a management server to have control over your entire system in one simple interface. The Unicorn uses EZVMS software which is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate. Since the Unicorn is a server and not an NVR, there is no HDMI interface and you’ll only be able to manage it through the web interface.

Unicorn Connections and Additions

The best part about the Unicorn is that it is customizable. The Unicorn's adaptability allows you to configure it exactly to how you want it. It has a wide variety of inputs and spaces for additional functionality including:

  • 2 HDMI- for outputting video feeds to monitors
  • Quad NIC- to connect to multiple networks at a time or allow better bandwidth management depending on configuration
  • 4 USB 3.0- to connect multiple external devices such as Flash Drives
  • Audio I/O- to connect external Mics & Speakers
  • Alarm I/O- to connect External Sensors or sirens for example
  • eSATA- to connect an external Hard Drive for additional storage
  • SFP 1 & 2- Fiber Optic ports for network communication
  • RS485- for PTZ control
  • RS232- Serial Connection

There’s also a slot to add a storage expander that can give you an additional 48 hard drive slots. It also supports a redundant power supply, so you can be sure you won’t lose any coverage. The Unicorn includes one power supply, but the additional power supply and expander are sold separately. We do not currently offer these, but this post will be updated if and when they become available.

Wrapping Up

This mythical CCTV creature will be studied for years to come, as we’re still figuring out everything it’s capable of. But seriously, this server is massive and has huge possibilities for large installations and multiple systems that need to be viewed from a central location. We will get even more in depth in future videos and blog posts about everything the Unicorn has to offer and ways it can be configured. For now, if you see one in the wild, just stop to admire its beauty.

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