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New 4K Ultra HD Security Cameras - Powerful, Beautiful, Top-of-the-Line, and now Affordable

New 4K Technology

When HD security cameras were introduced to the surveillance industry, they provided much more detailed imagery compared to the old school standard definition analog cameras. First there was 1080P (2MP) which rocked the industry and is still heavily used today.

In recent years, 4MP security cameras have become very popular, providing double the pixel count of 1080P cameras. Most recently, 4K Ultra HD (8MP) security cameras were introduced to the market, effectively doubling the pixel count of 4MP cameras.

Below are some comparison snapshots for each resolution. Click the images to see their full sizes.

Old School Standard Def Analog (960x480)

Old School Standard Def Analog (960x480)

HD 1080P Security Camera (1920x1080)

HD 1080P Security Camera (1920x1080)

4MP Security Camera (2688x1520)

4MP Security Camera (2688x1520)

4K Ultra HD Security Camera (3840x2160)

4K Ultra HD Security Camera (3840x2160)

Sadly, due to the price point of 4K security cameras, they have never appealed to the typical home or small business owner. But times are changing! Nelly's Security is rocking the industry once again by offering 4K Ultra HD Security Cameras at an extremely economical price point.

Resolution Comparison

To put the new 4K security cameras to the test, we took the following images side-by-side with three different bullet cameras, all with 4mm lenses.

We will test them by taking a snapshot and digitally zooming in and blowing up the part of the image where the sign is taped to the window.

Here are the three cameras we tested out.
We taped a sign to the window to test out the cameras' resolutions.

2M Full HD 1080p Security Camera (1920x1080)

From the results we can see that the 1080P image is not legible at all. (click image to enlarge.)

Full HD 1080p blown up. The sign we taped to the window isn't legible at all.

4MP Security Camera (2688x1520)

The 4MP image is a little more legible. You can make out the logo and some of the words on the first line. (click image to enlarge.)

The 4MP camera performs better. With the image blown up, you can make out some of the letters.

8M 4K Ultra HD Security Camera (2688x1520)

The 4K Ultra HD Bullet clearly prevails with the logo and all three lines clearly legible. (click image to enlarge.)

The 4K image is the winner with the entire sign legible after enlarging.

Video Demo

Get ready to experience the clearest and most vivid camera clarity you have ever seem out of a security camera. Be sure to change your resolution to it's highest settings. These videos are best viewed full screen on wide screen monitors.

4K Ultra HD Security Camera (NSC-208-BT)

4K WDR Settings

We replaced a 2MP Dahua camera with one of our new 4K cameras in our showroom that suffered from severe back-lighting issues late in the afternoon from light coming through the windows. This resulted in dim imagery on the inside of the windows and washed out imagery on the outside.

The new 4K security cameras come equipped with true 120dB WDR settings to solve adverse lighting issues such as these.

2MP vs. 8MP (4K) Video Comparison

In the following video, we compare a 2MP Dahua camera with our new 4K Ultra HD security camera and the results speak for themselves.

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