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One of the most important aspects of your business in today's world is your branding. Consumers are becoming more and more brand loyal. The more tight and cohesive your brand, the more recognizable you become to your customers, the further your brand and your business has the opportunity to grow. If you sell and install alarm equipment, one of the best ways to tighten your brand and move your business forward is to place your company's logo directly on your alarm panel. At Nelly's Security, we offer this service 100% free of charge!


We offer complementary premium branding on all alarm panels, including the GC2e. When you select this option before adding your panels to your cart, we will print your logo on your alarm panel face plate in full color free of charge. We can do this a couple of different ways. First, we have the full GC2e alarm panels. If you purchase these from us, we will brand them with your logo free of charge. This will be a high-quality, full-color logo printed right onto your alarm panel face plate. If you already have your 2GIG alarm panels and you're just looking to add branding, you can purchase a pack of GC2e face plates. We sell these plates in packs of 20.


In addition to the GC2e, we also offer the 2GIG Edge. This unique panel has a sleek, black design. We offer complementary branding on all 2GIG Edge purchases free of charge, so we can upload your company's logo. However, due to its unique style, we are unable to offer ultra branding. Click below to purchase the Edge today!

Want to see some examples? Check out some images below of IQ panels that we've branded for other customers.


In our Qolsys line, we sell one brandable alarm panel: the IQ Panel 4 Alarm and Smart Home Control Panel. For IQ Panel, we offer complementary premium branding free of charge. Be sure to select the "Complementary Premium Branding" option before adding your panel to your cart. With this option enabled, we will print your company's logo directly on the bottom of the panel.


This powerful alarm panel supports legacy 319.5MHz sensors (Qolsys, Qolsys S-Line, & Interlogix) as well as PowerG sensors.

Frequently Asked Questions


What size should my design be?

If we have a vectorized logo for you on file, it will be automatically centered and resized to fit. However, if you'd like to customize each product individually, you can see exactly how much printing space you have for your design by downloading the PSD templates that we'll email to you after your purchase.


How much does a bigger design cost?

There is no additional charge for a larger, more intricate logo. Whether we brand just your logo or a fully customized design, premium branding for recorders is $20 across the board.


How can I send you my design?

If you purchase a particular recorder for the first time or if you indicate that you want to change your logo, you'll receive an email after your purchase with further instructions. We'll include the PSD file for you to line up your design the way you'd like, or you can just send us your logo and we'll position it on the NVR for you.


What if I don't have Photoshop?

Photoshop is not required to send us your logo. But if you want to send us a fully customized design and don't have access to Photoshop, there are free alternatives, such as Gimp, that will allow you to open and export files as PSD documents.


Do I have to be part of Nelly's Dealer Program?

No. We offer premium branding services to anyone and everyone. However, if you are a security professional, our dealer program is an excellent next step for your business. You can learn more about it here


What other premium branded products do you sell?

We have a full range of security products that we can brand with your logo. Click here to see all premium branded products, or click here to learn more about our free video surveillance branding program for our dealers.